About the Course
(Duration: 1 Hour)

This online course takes attendees on the journey of learning the essentials of the digital advertising world. Learn the basics of digital advertising, the ecosystem, definitions relevant to the landscape and the different types of data. Leave this eLearning experience with a solid understanding of digital media fundamentals.

The Digital Landscape—Now and Then

In order to understand today’s digital media landscape, we’ll take a look at how it was born. It has evolved over the years—as user-behaviors and technologies have shifted, so did the way ads were bought and sold.

Payment Models

Understand the different payment models advertisers can use when buying and selling digital ads.


Define Success

There are many key performance indicators (KPIs) to work with based on set goals and objectives. Learn which ones are the most powerful and why.

Digital Channels

Learn about all the different ways ads can show up on the internet and discuss why you would choose one format over the other in media planning.


Inventory Types

Discover how inventory is bought and sold from publisher and ad-buyer perspectives. Consider the impact of costs and examine which type of inventory is best for your campaigns.

Programmatic Advertising

We’re going back-to-basics! Leave this session equipped with a better understanding of the complex world of programmatic and learned best practices—ready…set…get started today!


Data Types

Recognize the most important differences between first-party, second-party, and third-party data.


Media Planning

Talk through the media planning process and learn how to work with the tools that you have at your disposal.


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