Converge Direct + Programmatic Buying

Download our 25-page Blueprint to learn how to converge your direct and programmatic buying functions. Yes! It can be achieved, if and when it's powered by a unified media platform.

  • Learn why media convergence is vital not only to the future of your business, but the industry as whole
  • Understand all of the considerations that need to be carefully examined prior to converging siloed digital buying teams, including goal setting, staffing, change management, campaign workflows, etc.
  • Deep dive into campaign planning, the customer journey, and specific programmatic terminology to set you up for success in the long-run
  • Share relevant, usable content with your teams, as they’re trained on integrated media buying

Let’s get down to brass facts. We’re here to clear the air—and share a practical guide of tested methods to put you on the path to holistic digital media strategy.

The journey starts here.

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