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Advertisers and Marketers Talk:
Tech, Programmatic,
and Expectations


Download the full report on programmatic advertising expectations in 2018.


Programmatic advertising, and the tech, vendors, tracking metrics, cost types, and devices that come with it, has become more complex than ever before.

We partnered with research firm Advertiser Perceptions to survey 150+ digital media professionals (including brands, marketers, and agencies) to uncover their pain points, expectations, and wish lists for programmatic advertising in 2018.

The results revealed some compelling data!
We found that 90% of agencies and 81% of marketers have a growing appetite for bringing programmatic buying capabilities in-house.

What else will you learn in this report?

  • The state of programmatic including where marketers anticipate ad buying spend growth and how they manage programmatic tools today
  • How managing programmatic advertising in the future will evolve
  • Insights into the factors driving programmatic in-house adoption
  • What solutions and tools can help digital media professionals drive campaign performance, tangible results, and value



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