Basis is a platform you run your entire digital business on top of. We’re excited to show you how.



Comprehensive Global
Vendor Directory

Basis aggregates all of your vendors in a searchable directory making it easy to go from concept to execution inside of one platform.

RFP Negotiation and
Contract Management

Automate manual steps with Basis' comprehensive RFP and contract management workflow tools, so you can seamlessly manage the process across all inventory types.




#1 Rated Demand
Side Platform

Manage omni-channel campaigns across mobile, video, search, social, display, audio, ConnectedTV, and native.

Direct Media

Have the most flexibility when creating your media mix by considering direct along with your other media channels.




Universal Campaign
Reporting & Optimization

Review all aspects of your campaign performance holistically – from creative to conversions - across search, social, programmatic and direct buys.

Business Intelligence
and Insights

Basis comes complete with an integrated business intelligence application to slice and dice data for custom reports using the most up-to-date and actionable information.




Billing Facilitation

Save time with accurate, real-time reporting that is easy for your financial system of record to ingest, resulting in more accurate invoicing and a faster way to close your books.

Collaboration & Messaging

Improve team efficiency and collaboration with Basis’ comprehensive messaging center with a full history of all correspondence.



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