Basis is a platform you run your entire digital business on top of. We’re excited to show you how.

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Artificial Intelligence: With smart, optimized decisions to improve performance, our platform puts you in charge, letting you select between machine learning or algorithmic optimization.

Automate manual steps with Basis' comprehensive RFP and contract management workflow tools, so you can seamlessly manage the process across all inventory types.


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Manage omni-channel campaigns across mobile, video, search, social, display, audio, ConnectedTV, and native.


Private Marketplace: Access one of the industry’s largest PMP libraries with over 2,000 active deals, and put yourself in control of where your programmatic buy runs.


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Cross Device: Reach individuals across multiple touchpoints seamlessly, attribute conversions to the appropriate device, and drill into performance data by device.

Brand Safety: Utilizing a combination of human and tech measures, we monitor and block fraudulent activity across our platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.



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