The Next Generation Digital Platform.

Meet Basis, the industry's only truly automated platform that addresses your direct, programmatic, search, and social digital marketing needs through a single interface.  

  • Grow your business 
  • Increase productivity & team output
  • Create better outcomes for your campaigns
  • Drive performance with artificial intelligence

Basis is here to drive more than just streamlined media buying—with robust business intelligence, workflow automation, search & social integrations, and the #1 rated DSP with built-in artificial intelligence, it’s a platform you can run your entire digital business on top of. Unlock the power of the industry’s most comprehensive and automated digital media platform today.

See what Basis will do for you.

The programmatic landscape is changing. Ensure that your spending will deliver strong results—Basis by Centro provides a solution to target the right audience, in the right place, at the right time. Using a myriad of channels such as search, social, display, native, audio, and connected tv, Basis has proven to generate the greatest ROI. What's more, no other company can provide the highest caliber in both service and product than Centro.
  • 2000+
    Private Marketplaces and Vendors
  • #1 DSP
    Rated on G2
  • $1B+
    in digital media activated in the last three years

Your Business Thrives with Basis

  • Grow Revenue

    Create better outcomes for your customers and their campaigns utilizing powerful artificial intelligence to drive performance.
  • Increase Transparency

    Gain a clearer view of where dollars are being spent across direct, RTB, search, and social to achieve more with your working media.
  • Improve Productivity

    Reduce errors and operate more efficiently utilizing Basis’ workflow automation, billing facilitation, and collaboration tools.
  • Plan

    Robust Inventory Directory

    Move easily from conception to execution, across all inventory types (direct, programmatic, search, and social) in one single platform. Basis comes with more than 9,000 vendors and 11,000 contacts, making it the largest curated directory in the industry.

    Negotiation & Contract Management

    Seamlessly manage the entire vendor RFP process across all inventory types. From vendor negotiations and communications, to automated trafficking and execution of placements, with Basis you’ll simplify, error-proof, and automate the campaign planning process.
  • Buy

    #1 Rated Demand-Side Platform

    Plan, buy, and optimize your omni-channel campaign using the #1 rated DSP on G2. Drive performance and unlock efficiencies with a Basis’ artificial intelligence engine.

    Direct Media Activation

    Access direct inventory across 11,000 publishers, and flawlessly implement media plans with insertion order and ad server capabilities. Create your media mix by planning, buying, and optimizing direct media side by side with programmatic, search, and social.
  • Analyze

    Universal Reporting & Analytics

    Leverage powerful ad server, Facebook, LinkedIn and AdWords integrations to manage your entire digital campaign’s performance. From creative to conversions, you’ll save time, optimize more efficiently, and reduce errors.

    Business Intelligence & Insights

    Dig into more than 180 unique data points across your business, clients, vendors or campaigns. Create custom reports using the most up-to-date and actionable information—Basis’ integrated business intelligence application allows you to slice and dice data any way you want it.
  • Streamline

    Collaboration & Messaging

    Improve team efficiency and collaboration with Basis’ comprehensive messaging center. A history of all internal and external correspondence is available at your fingertips within the app, along with access to all RFPs and IOs.

    Billing Facilitation

    Save time and money with real-time reporting that results in more accurate billings, easier financial reconciliations, and a faster way to close your books at the end of the month. Interested how Basis works with your billing system?

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#1 DSP by G2 Three Years in a Row

Leaders in 5 Ad Tech Industries:

  • G2 Leader 2020 Emblem
    Demand Side Platform
  • G2 Leader 2020 Emblem
    Cross Channel Advertising
  • G2 Leader 2020 Emblem
  • G2 Leader 2020 Emblem
  • G2 Leader 2020 Emblem
    Display Advertising

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